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Maston Chair of Christian Ethics Established at Hardin-Simmons

The T.B. Maston Chair of Christian Ethics has been established in the Logsdon School of Theology at Hardin-Simmons. The Chair honors Dr. Maston, Professor of Christian Ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1922 to 1963.

For some time, the T.B. Maston Foundation sought a location for the Chair at a Baptist seminary or university. One of the Foundation Trustees, Earl Glen Rose of Abilene, suggested the possibility of the Logsdon School of Theology. In early 1996, representatives of the Foundation and Hardin-Simmons began discussing this possibility. Following several meetings and extensive planning, agreement was reached to endow the Chair initially at $500,000 and to locate it at Hardin-Simmons. Future plans call for increasing the endowment to $750,000.

Several representatives of the two institutions have been involved in the planning for the Maston Chair. Weston Ware, Chairman of the Board for the Maston Foundation, led a group consisting of board members Browning Ware, Earl Rose, Patsy Ayres, Jimmy Allen, Hal Haralson, and David Morgan. Representing Hardin-Simmons University were Dr. Lanny Hall, Dr. Craig Turner, Rick Styles, Bobby Cobbs, Dr. H.K. Neely, and Dr. Vernon Davis, the latter two representing also the Logsdon School of Theology.

Dr. Neely, Dean of the Logsdon School of Theology, stated, "Several areas of the university currently include courses in ethics as part of their curriculum. Nursing, business, physical therapy, philosophy, and theology all have emphases in ethics. In addition, a minor in leadership studies is available for selected students. Ethics is a key curriculum emphasis for this program as well. The professor who holds the Maston Chair in Christian Ethics would thus play a strategic role in enabling students throughout the university to develop the ability to think clearly concerning ethical issues, to make responsible decisions when facing moral choices, and to apply the Christian faith in life in the arenas of personal relationships and professional responsibilities."

Dr. Davis, Director of Graduate Theological Education, said, "The primary impact of the Maston Chair of Christian Ethics will be on the students who take classes. Beyond this, it is anticipated that wide-ranging influence will be experienced through conferences and workships conducted both on campus and in other settings, such as churches, businesses, schools, and agencies. The Chair might also develop a program of publication, which could stimulate research and writing in the field of ethics, and provide materials which could be helpful to Christians dealing with ethical issues."

Weston Ware feels that the Logsdon School of Theology is a natural home for continuing Dr. Maston's commitment to apply the "abidingly relevant" ethical principles of the Bible to the challenges of contemporary life. "Those who are seeking ways to make investments in spiritual endeavors will find this Chair a most significant answer to their quest. We believe they will want a part in the funding of the T.B. Maston Chair of Christian Ethics endowment," he stated.

Persons interested in more information may contact Dr. Craig Turner at (915) 670-1211. Those desiring information about funding the Chair should contact Rick Styles at (915) 670-1260.