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proclaiming the abiding relevance of the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ . . .

and providing financial support for the study and application of Christian Ethics


"Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did." (I John 2:6)

Recipients - T. B. Maston Graduate Scholarships in Christian Ethics

1981-82 Brooks Barr 1986-87 Allen Reasons
David Morgan 1987-88 Richard M. Brown
1982-83 Richard Martin James E. Burgin
Philip Pinckard 1988-89 Eddie F. Carder
1983-84 Roy B. Cooper Eddie Williams
Ian F. Jones 1989-90 Van Christian
Kenneth W. Kelly Scott Corwin
Charles L. Walker If you have information regarding scholarship recipients after 1989-90, please email billjones@tbmaston.org.
1984-85 Tim Gilbert 1993-94 Barbara Jean Bell
Charles McCullough Rob Blackaby
1985-86 Jeph Holloway Mark Elder
    Kevin S. Key